Prayer Corner

Apr 2016 Focus: “Fresh Air”

“For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named” (Ephesians 3: 14-15 KJV)

I pray for you, as a member of the family of God here on earth. As one who is washed and sanctified by the blood of Jesus Christ!

May order come into your estate and all things that were disorderly in your life meet with order! I pray that the Spirit of the Lord would take full charge of your affairs and cause you to move from that place of limitation to a place of victory and power. May you see increase in your days and may the power of toil be broken today.

Every satanic force that was working against you is losing its grip today. I command every evil spirit to let go of your business, children, husband or wife, job, friends and all that’s yours. I command every evil spirit to let go of your health in the name of Jesus. As the Word declares, by the stripes of Jesus on the cross you were healed, you will be a witness of this word in your life today. Healing is your portion today in Jesus’ name!

I pray for ideas. Life changing ideas! Ideas that will take you to another level in your life! As the anointing of God operates in you, I pray that you receive the grace to implement things. As you cast your nets into the deep, may your catch be net breaking and boat sinking. I pray that the blessing be visible on you so that the whole world will know that you are a child of God.

I pray for long life over you. I remove every demonic force that brings sudden terror and tragedy. May you live until you are satisfied! I pray that the Spirit of God will direct you and keep you away from harm. I pray that angels walk with you and be your rear guard.

I pray for your finances. May God’s grace overshadow your resources! May you not lack and may all your needs be met! I pray that you will have in excess for every charitable donation. May you receive properties in this season! I speak the wisdom of God that will give you grace to have reserves that can impact generations ahead.  •Declaration  • I declare today, you are trouble proof, fear proof, poverty proof and death proof. You are repelling every satanic force and every work that the devil is up to in this season. I declare a covering of God’s Spirit over you, to equip you for a season such as this. I pronounce you victorious. I pronounce you fruitful. I pronounce you blessed. (“If you agree” emphasis mine); say I AGREE!

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