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The final division of Love Images Organization, but not the least, is Community and the services provided.  By definition, serving the community describes the act of volunteering one’s self in order to provide services which benefit others.

Dr. Denson stated “Serving the community can be performed in many ways: through cleaning roadways, helping the homeless, organizing charitable donations, spending time or calling a senior citizen. They need help and we will continue to serve in this capacity assisting in being part of their quality of life.  We greatly enjoy helping and serving those in our community who are in need.

Annual Caregiving workshops are offered to assist the caregiver in providing not only for the individual but for themselves, family members, and or friends.  The sessions address mental health, nutrition, estate planning, spirituality, and other pertinent topics.

Caregiving is R.E.A.L. – “Remarkable Efforts to Assist Loved ones

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