Education is a key division of the Love Images Organization. Our goal is to provide a fundamental element in the pursuit of a job, career, and profession. Therefore, it is important that learners are equipped to enter the workforce and become successful in life. Under the Education Division of the organization, we provide self-confidence and self-esteem workshops, financial guidance to obtain the financial resources to pursue one’s education and training to strengthen and develop the skills needed for individuals who have a desire to further their education.

“It is my firm belief that each learner is an individual person, with individual strengths and individual weaknesses; that such individuality must be considered for the efficacious impartation of knowledge. I am convinced that any individual, given sufficient time and adequate instruction can perform any tasks. I also view the role of the instructor as that of a liberator, setting his learners free to function independently and effectively in the society in which they find themselves. Toward this end, I believe that the educational institution must address itself to the general education and development of the total person that is, the development of the learner’s physical and mental components.”  Philosophy of Education, by Dr. Janet L. Denson


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Fourth-Recipient2012Shawn Lamb Leticia BeisteguiLeticia Beistegui Rosalyn RayRosalyn Ray Krista HawkinsKrista Hawkins
Dominique MarshallDominique Marshall Shanae BrownShanae Brown Alana RaglandAlana Ragland Isola JonesIsola Jones
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