Sixth Recipient

Rosalyn Ray

Rosalyn Ray

My name is Rosalyn Ray and I have returned to school after 30+ years. It took much prayer and faith for me to make the decision and even accept that I was capable of learning and re-learning. I have been enrolled at Argosy University now for 1 year. I have maintained a 3.9 GPA, and I am learning. I chose Psychology with an emphasis in substance abuse counseling because I have a desire to help others who are going down the same road that I once traveled, to know that they too can also survive. I have continued to persevere, even when I have come face to face with adversity. I believe that I have the firsthand knowledge of what it takes to win and move forward in life, but I also need the educational knowledge in order to counsel others on how they too can be successful.

Instead of continuing to college from high school, my life took a different turn because I made poor choices. So many people think that once you make a mistake in life it defines who you are and what you become. I want to give others the help that is needed in order to overcome obstacles that cause us to stumble, and to be an example that you can move forward and be better than your circumstances. I chose a life of substance abuse and for many, many years, I struggled in this area. There were times when I felt hopeless, and that I would never have a life that had any meaning. I am now a living testimony that through the strength of God, all things are possible. I would also like to be an example for my grandchildren and for other children that it’s never too late to pursue your goals and your dreams.

Now that I have the courage to step out on faith and returned to school, I believe that I can succeed, and I am pursuing a B.S. Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in substance abuse counseling, I believe that I can go on to become an effective counselor and make a difference in someone else’s life.

I am grateful, and I thank Dr. Janet L. Denson and the Love Images Organization for the opportunity to apply for such an awesome scholarship.